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How much does a 
typical web site cost?

A Michael Logue Web Design corporate site usually runs about $300, which includes 5 pages designed, a domain, and your first month's webmaster and hosting service. In the open market, you could easily pay 5 times more .... or way more. Ask for a price from me before you decide.

  How much do 
you charge 
by the page?

My standard rate is $50 per page for corporate and $30 per page for non-profit.  My minimum design is $100.  But I am often running specials.

  How do you 
charge so little?

I have developed a highly efficient business model aimed to support those who don't have a lot of resources for advertising, e.g. the little guy.  They are my "niche" and my passion.  My satisfied clients are my "advertising budget".  Their budgets shape my pricing schedules.  

  You charge by the page. 
How much can you put 
on a page?

Short screen length is a courtesy for your visitors especially those with mobile phones.  A screen and a half on most pages, and a single screen on the front, if possible.


Do you 
do mobile sites?

Sure, but if we design your main site with mobile users in mind, you won't need that extra expense. One of our main goals is to save you money wherever we can.  My web site looks great on an i-phone.


Is the page design fee 
one time or monthly?

Web page design is a one-time fee.  The domain is an annual charge.  The webmaster and hosting package is a monthly fee.

  How much to take over
and existing site?
  The $20 monthly Webmaster Package. 
  How much to redesign a site?

  Normal redesign is $20 a page, unless I am running
  a special.


Do you do Word Press
Content Management System?

  Yes.  I can design or you can design?  It is all
  covered in the Webmaster Package.


There is a web site 
I like. Can you use it 
as a pattern?

Absolutely.  Anything like that saves us time and money.  Of course, we can't break any copyright laws, but we can come close.

  Do we have to meet?

No, in fact, I have done web design and maintained web sites for clients I never met in remote locations such as Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Washington State.  Time is money.  If we need to meet, we will.


How do I get materials 
to you?

For large digital files, you can put them on a CD, thumb drive or smart and mail them to me.  For hardcopy, we can arrange pick up.  Whatever works for you.

  Do you do 
Facebook Pages?

Yes, and Twitter.  Set up is $50.  Coaching and mentoring is free. I also crosslink them with your web site.  Also free. 

  What traffic 
counter do you use?

We use a simple, free counter that we find works well for most folks. I use it for my company. If you need something more complex, like Google Stats, set up is $50. 

  How do I pay you?

Each month, I send you an E-MAIL after the month of service.  Most invoices are digital e-mail.  If you prefer an invoice on our letterhead, we e-mail that also.  Just let us know.

  Can I pay with 
my Credit Card?

Yes, I use PayPal.  I also use Square so I can run your card in person. A 5% Convenience Fee is added to cover my costs.

  Where do I get 
a domain?

I will help you determine the best domain for your site and then purchase it and manage it for you so that it never goes dead.  Restoring a dead domain is a common problem and it is expensive.

  Do you host?

Yes.  If you have an existing site, we can move it to our servers to save you hosting costs.  

  How many changes 
"unlimited changes"?

Weekly is not unreasonable.  I have some association and festival web sites who need daily changes during their hot cycles.  That is fine too.

  Can I get e-mail?

Sure.  If you are setting up corporate mail with multiple e-mail accounts, there is an $8 per month charge to manage that system.  

  Can you add 
slide shows?

I offer a free slide show to help manage multiple photos on a given page.

  Do you do "Flash"?

No.  Aside from visitor issues with cell phones and other issues, Flash is becoming obsolete technology. 

  Do you do database?

While I have been trained in Access, this is not by business niche.  I leave that to people who specialize in that.  


Can you work my 
text and photos?

Sure.  I can work with anything you have, especially if it saves you time and money.

  Do you use "stock" 
internet photos?

No, unless you ask me to.  My goal is to portray YOU. If I need to take photographs for the site to accomplish that, I will, at no added cost to you.


Will you let me do
something costly or 

  My ONLY goal is a happy client.  If you suggest
  something unnecessarily costly, that doesn't give
  you a return on investment, or will hurt your
  visitor experience, I will let you know.  But then,
  you have the final say.


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