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"I trust you immensely. and value your opinion.
Thanks for all you do for us."
Adrian Potter,  Abilene (Kansas) Victorian Inn


      Start to Finish in as Little as a Week!

Let this page be your production guide.  This page will not only help you understand
the key components of your web site production, but also help you see just how easy
it is.

        Step 1.  Contact Me. 
E-Mail me and let me know you are ready for a web site.  

        Step 2Prepare for Our Meeting (In Person, Phone, or E-mail) 
        A web site is worthless if it doesn't work for you and pay real-world dividends.  A
        "rookie web designer" can give you pretty site, but he may not be concerned about 
        whether  it helped you achieve your business goals, 1, 5, 10 years from now.  I am.
        My clients contact me frequently with business challenges and ask my free advice.

        As an award-winning communications strategist who is also a web designer,
        I don't succeed if you don't.  I need to identify right off those real dividends your
        web site can produce for you.  I need your web investment to be the best money
        your organization ever spent.

        So when we first meet, I focus on critical business topics that drive web site
        design, content, and functionality.
               * What keeps you awake at night?
               * How do you define your success?
               * Your web site as a revenue producer or a cost/workload reducer.
               * Your web site as an organizational manager.

        Step 3:  Gather Material You Already Have
The information  you already have on hand will probably be plenty, when combined
        with my interview, to prepare your launch site.  Assemble any logos, printed handouts,
        ad material.  You don't have to create anything new.  That will be my job.

        At this stage, I am really interested in your branding, e.g. your colors, logos, etc., 
        that would shape "your organizational look."  I am also interested in any web sites
        you really like in terms of look and functionality to help grasp your preferences.

        Step 4:  The Front Page
I design your front page for you to approve.  The look of the front page drives
        the rest of the site.  This normally takes a couple of days.

         Step 5:  The Full Site
I finish the web site and you approve the final.  This step normally takes a week
        for an average site.

        An Important Note:  A web site is a living, every-changing entity that must keep
        pace with your organization and visitor needs. It is never "finished."  Don't feel
        pressured to try to get it all done in the first version.  Build according to your 
        time and resources.  We will focus on the most important aspects first though.

         Step 6:  You Are Online! 
I load your site  into Google, work your search engine ratings, and add your traffic 
        counter.  I will keep monitoring your site's progress as it moves  up the search
        engines.  Remember, if you are not in the first 3 pages of the search engine,
        you are not yet on the Internet for all practical purposes.  I need you on 
        that first page.

        Step 7:  Site Maintenance
        We periodically exchange ideas,  items, updates, photos, via e-mail as needed.  There
        is no limit to the changes.  Don't apologize or hesitate to make changes.  As my
        granddaddy always said: "Don't worry about the mule; just load the wagon."


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